Yearning For Turning

Yearning For Turning


Looking back, you tend to forget the hard times and remember the fun ones where you spent time
with new and old friends, just living life to the fullest. Our first season on KORUA was definitely not
just fun, but hard work by trial and error. Lets say the learning curve has been steep, but so have
some of the slopes we got to ride. It has been a great and fulfilling journey and we hope to see you
out there soon.




Here it is! Volume 2 of our series YEARNING FOR TURNING. With "Carving Europe" we wanted to
portrait a style of riding that is very familiar to most of us. Having a blast with friends, riding the local
resort and making the best of it. We went on three short trips with our campers, also known as car
danchis, to try and capture the magic moments on and off the slope.




We are happy to present you the next Volume of our series YEARNING FOR TURNING today! 
Avoiding the crowds in the big resorts and western influence, we tried to find those hidden gems
were the true Japanese mountain spirit can still be found and experienced. Japan had a
extraordinary winter last year and so did we. Arigato!




We're excited to finally present STILL TURNING. The help and support of friends is crucial in a
project like KORUA Shapes. As a thank you, we organized a weekend camping adventure on a
mountain pass that lies only minutes from some of Europe's best resorts. Most guys showed up
in camper vans, others simply planned to crash in the front seat of their cars. The idea was to
spend some quality time in good company, enjoy a couple of beers, test out some new shapes
and have as much fun as possible, all while filming a new edit along the way. Using the excuse
of having to gather more footage, we ended up doing several more of these trips throughout
the spring.




After having spent too much time at trade shows we started growing restless and felt the urge for
exploration take over. With no specific plan or agenda we embarked on a trip to Japan, leaving
behind all expectations and letting local friends as well as our own curiosities guide our way to the
goods. Travelling with that kind of mindset opens doors to new experiences and leaves room for
spontaneity. Each day we saw new places, had different adventures, met kind and welcoming
people, and enjoyed plenty of powder.